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There are many things you must do to prepare for a birthday party.  You need to get cake, silverware, decorations, invitations and even party favors.  With all of these things to remember it can sometimes be difficult to remember everything.  The one thing that is essential to all birthday parties is birthday balloons.  Regardless of the age of the birthday boy or girl balloons will complete the party and bring the fun and exciting atmosphere to life.  There are many different types of balloons; from latex balloons that come in almost every color imaginable to milar foil balloons that come in an array of shapes and designs.  You can combine all the many different types of balloons to create the best decorated birthday party your children have ever seen. 

Colorful birthday balloons are typically made of natural latex and they can be filled with water, air or helium.  Because they are extremely flexible their volume is adjustable for whatever medium you wish to use.  If you are planning to fill the balloons with water the fuller you fill them the more stretched the latex will become, making them easier to pop.  When balloons are filled with air they do not float, but they can still be used to decorate with netting or they can even be glued or taped to signs and posters.  When they are filled with helium they become lighter than air so they are able to float.  Helium filled balloons typically only retain buoyancy for a day or so.  Helium atoms are able to escape through the pores of the latex so typically they don’t last as long as air filled balloons. 

Milar balloons are the shiny foil balloons that you may see at party supply stores.  They were invented in the 1970’s and are made from thin and un-strechable plastic films.  They were designed to hold helium better then latex balloons, and because they are not stretchy they can be pre-shaped into almost anything imaginable.  They are extremely light weight and because they are made of plastic they can retain helium for weeks on end.  You can even order personalized milar balloons that are printed with whatever you want in any shape available.  This is why they are perfect birthday balloons.  They can be designed in the exact theme of the party.  They are more personalizable and specific they latex balloons. 

Regardless of the types of birthday balloons you purchase there are many different ways to arrange and display the balloons for decoration.  You can get the perfect arrangement of both latex and milar balloons made at your local party supply store.  Then you can take them home in the bundle and tie them to a railing or a chair or any solid piece of furniture in the room of the party.  Another great idea is to purchase a bundle of just latex balloons in an array of different colors, themed around the party.  Then you can separate the balloons and spread them across the entire ceiling of the party. 

Regardless of what birthday balloons you purchase or how you choose to arrange them they can greatly add to the atmosphere of the party.  Many people choose to use helium in their balloons so they float.  When you are only looking to decorate with a few balloons you can pick them up at any party supply store, however they are often more expensive then if you bought your own balloons and filled them with helium.  If you are looking to decorate with as many balloons as possible then it is in your best interests to rent a helium tank and to fill your own balloons.  Often times tanks are relatively inexpensive to rent and you can fill up almost endless amounts of balloons with a large one.  You can rent a tank for the entire day of the party, or only a few hours whichever is easiest for you.  Renting a tank also eliminates the need to transport balloons.  If you have ever attempted to purchase a large amount of balloons and take them home, you will know that not all of them make it home.  Balloons are extremely fragile and often times cannot travel long distances in large amounts.

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