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When you are throwing a party there are many essential elements you must keep in mind.  All parties require decorations, most require food, a cake, and even party favors.  All of these things complete the party atmosphere for guests; making the party perfect and complete.  One of the best things about having a party is being able to unite with friends, family and loved ones.  The perfect décor will make them feel welcome and the perfect favors will allow them to walk away with items that will allow them to treasure the party.  Often times favors are handed out at children’s birthday parties, baby or wedding showers, weddings and even holiday gatherings.  Typically they resemble the theme or purpose of the party and leave your guests feeling grateful for being invited to such a perfect party. 

Party favors can include an array of items; from toys and trinkets to candy or small deserts.  Typically favors are given to guests at the end of the party as a thank you for coming; however, they can be given during the party if the items inside follow its theme.   There are many different types of favors, depending on the type of party you are having.  We have provided some basic ideas for wonderful favors for all types of parties. 

Children’s Party Favors:  These are, typically, the most popular type of favor.  Party supply stores often have a large supply of items, themed or not, for children’s parties.  Often times children’s favors include small toys; kazoo’s, stamps, small figurines.  Additionally they usually have many different types of candy or treats; from chocolate to fruit snacks.  Children also love stickers and fake tattoo’s; and those are commonly included.  You can find an array of different themed bags at a party supply store so the favors match the theme of the party. 

Showers:  Favors are extremely popular at wedding and baby showers.  Often times these types of favors include an item that guests  can use to remember the event.  For baby showers often times sonograms of the baby are included with other small items that usually reflect the gender of the baby.  For wedding showers typically the favor includes a picture of the bride and groom.  It is even popular to have something engraved with their names and wedding dates like a glass or keychain.

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