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There are many party supplies needed to create the perfect party.  From birthday parties, to dances and even weddings there are many different things that need to be purchased.  Many of these parties have a theme or a color scheme, all the supplies should match.  From decorations to silverware and even invitations and thank you cards; there are many supplies that are needed.  The best part about needed all these supplies is that they can all be found at a party supply store.  Often times you need only to make one stop to get all the supplies you will need in a matching theme. 

Invitations are the first party supply you will need to purchase.  Regardless of the type of party or the age range it is nice to send invitations to your guests so they can plan to be there.  You can find invitations for practically any party theme imaginable; from trains to dolls and even babies.  However, your invitations don’t always have to match the theme of the party, sometimes they are sent far ahead before you are able to fully plan the party.  Regardless your invitations need to include the time, the date and the location of the party as well as provide information on who’s party it is and for what occasion. 

Decorations can make or break a party of any type.  For most parties there are multiple types of decorations that must be considered.  Decorations add to the atmosphere of the party and can make it a fun or romantic environment.  Decorations are what creates the theme of the party.  Often times there are many personalized decorations to match the theme.  However there are three main decorations that should be used regardless of the theme.

1- Balloons should match the color theme of the party.
2- Posters should display the purpose of the party and typically who it is for.
3- Center Pieces are decorations placed on tables throughout the parties, often times they are decorative but contain candy.

Tableware is important especially at children’s parties.  Food tends to be messy regardless if its cake, ice cream or pizza.  Often times there are plates designed for children’s parties with specific themes.  This allows parents to buy cup and plates that match the overall theme.  For other parties it is still wise to stick with the same color scheme for tableware.  You can find plates, cups and silverware in almost any color at your local party supply store.

Party Favors are an important party supply to have at all parties for children and they are even beneficial to have at bridal and baby showers.   Favors should include an array of different helpful things that are themed around the party.  From toys to candy or even care products there are many things you could place in a party favor bag.  For children’s parties you can often find an array of great party favors at a party store. 

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